North Lake College Building G


Project Info

Located at the gateway to the North Lake College campus, and replacing an existing faculty parking lot, Building G is a three-story, high performance, 37,000-square foot new education building containing three distinct campus functions –  Visual/Performing Arts, Liberal Arts Education and Campus Administration.  Specialized Visual/Performing Arts department functions included an acoustically-isolated television studio with a control room, sound room and student edit bays; computer animation lab; computer graphics lab; 2-D art/painting studio; printmaking studio; and, offices for the dean and professors. 

Included in the Liberal Arts department were the Learning Community Center, the large group instruction lecture hall, and four smart classrooms.  Campus Administration was composed of offices for the president and all vice-presidents, their support staff, and all human resources staff, as well as a conference center.  Student study areas were made integral in the circulation of the building.  Drought-tolerant roof gardens, some of the first in the North Texas region, covered the lower roofs and were visible from offices and public areas on the upper two floors. Xeriscaping and drought-tolerant planting around the building knitted it into a campus that is constantly seeking to be more sustainable.