Project Info

The BHMC Conway Hospital has 88 med-surge beds, 8 ICU beds, 9 LDR Beds, 15 Postpartum Beds, 8 ORs, 2 Cath Labs, 2 GI-Pain Procedure rooms, 1 Cystoscopy Procedure Room, a full service lab, full service in-patient pharmacy, 12 station pneumatic tube system, full service dietary department including room in service as well as a ground floor restaurant-like dining room, coffee bar, gift shop, admissions suite, billing suite and administration. 

In addition, main hospital features a  full service Imaging Department including an 3T MRI, 64 slice CT, 2 Ultrasounds, 1 R&F machine, 1 Mammography Room, 1 Nuclear Medicine Room, a Stress-Echo Room, and houses multiple C-arms and mobile X-rays throughout the hospital. The Imaging Department also has a pad available for a mobile PET/CT that will be on site several days a week. The BHMC Conway Hospital also features a trauma level III Emergency Department including 2 multi-functional triage rooms, 14 Exam rooms including 1 Airborne Infection Isolation Room and 2 Secured Exam Rooms, 2 Trauma Rooms, Stat Lab, Satellite Pharmacy, direct adjacency to the Imaging Department, and a FAA approved helipad.