Able No.3 Storm Water Pumping Station

Dallas, TX

Project Info

On Riverfront Blvd, the 18,000 s.f. Able Pump Station will primarily provide flood control for the southern Central Business District, future Trinity Lakes, and master‐planned Trinity River Corridor infrastructure. Reinforcing the pedestrian connector to the future Reunion Overlook and Trinity Lakes Promenade, it will link to the Oak Cliff Levee Urban Trail system and the new “natural lakes” in its flood control system.
Programmatically, the facility needed only to be a massive 180’X140’by 50’ tall box. With such a prominent presence (sitting on a zero setback from street ROW) the team deconstructed the scale of the box. With no functional need for fenestration or articulation, as the interior functions consist of electrical switch gear rooms, it was decided to create an abstract sculptural element. Layers of varying materials and colors are peeled back, twisted up and away, revealing blades of glowing light and reflective metals. As the flowing skin rises to the east, a covered area with video boards invites passersby to learn about the facility, the history of flood management, and updates on community events in and around the waterfront.
Able No. 3 is designed to achieve LEED Silver Certification. The facility is scheduled for completion in 2017.