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Our Philosophy

When it comes to building design, construction and operations there are many, many paths to follow. Sustainable design takes on many shades of green and we believe the right sustainable strategies for this project will rise out of the vision and values of the end-user. We will explore with you multiple options for design that are energy efficient and we will work with you to create the healthiest possible interior and exterior environments. We will study with you the “sustainable potential” of different building systems, energy sources and materials. Working this way has been part of our culture for many years.

GSR Andrade uses a whole-building approach to sustainable architecture that pursues energy conservation, environmental impact management, occupant health and comfort, functionality and building longevity, quality assurance and commissioning, and life cycle analysis. The approach to reducing energy demands is a key factor in creating healthy, productive, and safe building environments. Our process of evaluating all areas that together impact a building’s environment is more valuable than reviewing each component as a separate element.

Economic measures such as occupant productivity and satisfaction, along with reduced repair, maintenance, and management costs are key factors. Basic methods for applying these measures to individual facility situations are implemented. The economics of sustainability can be achieved through alternative funding sources, reward and savings programs and mechanisms that can additionally cut energy and equipment costs.

As architects, we want to dedicate ourselves to the creation of sustainable sites, communities, cities, and shelter with dignity for all. We commit ourselves to actively contribute to the realization of these goals and an improved quality of life.

We will outline the areas in the facilities’ design/operation that we feel are easily addressed utilizing sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials; energy-efficient mechanical systems; water use reduction; and healthy indoor air quality. We are anxious to talk more with you about design alternatives that efficient and sustainable solutions that can help make your facility a building of the future.

Representative Certified projects:

LEED Gold Certified:

Whirlpool Regional Distribution Center - Wilmer, Texas

LEED Silver Certified:

Dallas Fire Station #38 - Dallas, Texas

JCPenney Store #2982 - Fairview, Texas

Caterpillar Distribution Center - Waco, Texas

Seton Hayes Medical Office Building - Kyle, Texas

Caterpillar Engine Assembly Plant - Seguin, Texas

LEED for Schools Certified:

DISD Medrano Middle School - Dallas, Texas

EPA Energy Star Rated:

JCPenney Store #2982 - Fairview, Texas

JCPenney Store #0179 - Dallas, Texas

JCPenney Store #2986 - Flowood, Mississippi

JCPenney Store #0161 - Hiram, Georgia

Dallas County - Grand Prairie Sub-Courthouse

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