NeuroCare Outpatient Rehabilitation – Grand Opening!

GSR Andrade was honored to attend the Grand Opening of NeuroCare Outpatient Rehabilitation’s new facility in Richardson on Thursday, July 28th.

GSRA worked hand-in-hand with NeuroCare to create a state-of-the-art environment in which to care for medically and behaviorally complex patients whose diagnoses include: brain injury; stroke; concussion; amputation; Guillian Barre Syndrome; multiple sclerosis; Parkinson’s Disease; vestibular and balance disorders; encephalitis; ALS; West Nile Virus; and many others.

NeuroCare provides a full-day neurological rehabilitation program – offering up to 6 hours of treatment daily, based on the results of an evaluation.

Treatments include:
Therapeutic Treatment
  – Physical Therapy
  – Occupational Therapy
  – Speech and Language Therapy
Medical Treatment
  – Disease Management
  – Neuropsychological Services
  –  Medication Management
  – Nutritional Education
  – Nursing Services
Specialized Treatment
  –  Vision Therapy
  – Computerized Gait and Balance Analysis and Treatment
  –  Cognitive and Memory Retraining
  – Community and Work Re-entry Training
  –  Driving Simulation
Support Services
  –  Social Work
  –  Community Resource Identification and Education
  –  Daily patient transportation to/from facility (within an approved radius)

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