Project Profile: Texas A&M University- Commerce – School of Nursing and Health Sciences Building

The new School of Nursing and Health Sciences Building will be 111,950 square feet over four floors, located south of Gee Lake on the west edge of the main campus. This facility would accommodate the Nursing Department, the Health and Human Performance Department and the Biology Department, as well as general instruction classrooms and admissions advising functions. The anticipated completion of construction is December 2018.

The Nursing Department includes a Physical Assessment Lab (with breakout instruction and storage); 2 Skills Labs (with breakout instruction and storage); a six-room Hospital Simulation Lab (with Central Control Room, Nurse Call Station, Med Room, Equipment Area, and Hospital Equipment Storage); Debriefing/Observation Room; Research Open Office; Administration Area (with 30 offices and conference/work space); Student Nursing Association Room; Open Student Locker Area; and, Utility Room.

The Health and Human Performance Department includes a large Human Performance Lab (with Control Room, Blood Draw, Lab Equipment Storage and Graduate Assistants’ Office); Behavior/Adapted PE Lab; Gymnasium/Activity Room; Academy for Health Potential (with Kitchen, Storage and Dish Wash Area); Yoga/Dance Studio; Faculty Shower/Locker Rooms; Student Changing Rooms; Administration Area (with 20 offices and conference/work space); Graduate Student Open Office; and multiple large storage rooms.

The Biology Department includes a large Research Lab; Negative Pressure Room, with anteroom; Microscopy Room; Tissue Culture Room, with anteroom; Cold Room (walk-in refrigerator and freezer); Autoclave Room; Microbiology Prep Room; Flex Lab/Classroom; 3 Teaching Labs (Anatomy, Physiology & Microbiology); Teaching Prep Rooms between Teaching Labs; 10 Faculty Offices; Meeting/Study Room; Graduate Assistant Open Office; and multiple storage rooms.

General education areas include 1 large 150-seat tiered lecture hall, 2 – 80-seat tiered classrooms, 4 – 50-seat classrooms, and 2 computer labs.

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