Whirlpool RDC receives LEED Gold Certification

The Whirlpool Regional Distribution Center has received LEED Gold Certification under the LEED for New Construction (V2.2) rating system.  The 1,040,000 SF facility is located off of I-45 just south of Dallas in Wilmer, Texas.

Points of note that were achieved:
  • EA Credits 1.1-1.10Achieving all of the credits available for Optimized Energy
  • Credit SS 5.2 : Maximize Open Space – The project was able to take advantage due to the location of the site
  • Credit ID1.1: Innovation in Design – Exemplary performance in water reduction was achieved by using low flow and ultra-low flow fixtures to achieve a 49.1% reduction (almost 20% more than the LEED Requirement
  • Credit ID1.2: Innovation in Design – Extensive Signage was provided that highlighted the sustainable aspects of the building throughout the facility. Whirlpool will also allow tours for professionals to outline the sustainable concepts and practices that were implemented in the project
  • Credit ID1.3: Innovation in Design – Using the existing railroad as a means for distribution, along with traditional transportation via trucks, Whirlpool will be able to reduce the greenhouse gases that would be emitted into the atmosphere had trucks been used exclusively
  • Credit ID1.4: Innovation in Design – Using low VOC, Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) Certified furniture to help improve the indoor air quality. 


This facility marks the first LEED Gold Certified project for GSR Andrade Architects to go along with it’s five (5) Silver Certified projects and one (1) LEED for Schools Certified projects.
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