GSRA to Participate in 2nd Annual CRE8 Design Challenge

GSR Andrade is once again a proud participant in the CRE8 Design Challenge and Fashion Show benefitting CASA.

The challenge is to create a garment in 8 days. Not just any garment, but a garment that celebrates the connection between interior design and fashion! This year’s theme is Fairytales, inspired by childhood favorites such as Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstock, and Sleeping Beauty. Whether inspired by the story’s villain, hero, or damsel in distress….who has the fairest design of them all?

Each Design Team will be randomly paired with 2 Garment Underwriters – 1 softgood and 1 hardgood manufacturer. They will work together to create a couture garment out of products like carpet, tile, and wallcovering!

All garments will be constructed in 8 days from April 19 – April 27 and showcased at the CRE8 Fashion Show on Friday, April 27, 2012.

Team Members: 
Erin Phillips, Favi Rietti, Chuck Bennett, and Janna Jellum-Velasquez.
Not Pictured:  Jessica Williams

As a “Forward” to the main event, the design teams participated in a book drive. The amount of books each team collected and delivered prior to Fairytale selection determined the order in which they selected a fairytale. GSR Andrade collected the largest number of books (1,081!!) and was given the opportunity to choose first!  This year’s team theme:  ALICE IN WONDERLAND!!

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